• Time Entry

    Tracking your time has never been so easy and customizable.

It's more than just time entry.


Improve payroll accuracy by creating, editing, submitting, and approving payroll all on one single solution.


Analytics and Reporting

Real-time analytics and reporting at your finger tips. Let ezCinect™ OBI automatically generate your data into analytics and reports exactly how you need it.

Mobile Friendly

Create, submit, and edit time entries or payroll anywhere you go. Capability to operate on any device makes ezCinect™ OBI accessible wherever your business takes you.

General Ledger Integration

Automatically import payroll data directly into your accounting solution.

Tracking time can be a cumbersome task, but it’s highly beneficial to know where all your time is being spent within a company. ezCinect™ OBI’s Time Tracking solution allows you to enter your time down to individual, project, and task. From a simple time entry template to an advanced time entry template we offer a customizable solution based on your companies needs.

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