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    Partnering is more than just business, it’s a Lifetime team member. 

What are my partnering options?

Referral Partner

Do you have clients or leads that could use Plains Mobile’s products? As a Referral Partner, you receive a dedicated Support Consultant, 10% revenue from your client’s implementation, and there are no fees or commitments.

Reseller Partner

Want to use Plains Mobile’s products and increase your presence with your clients and leads? As a Reseller Partner, you receive 30% of the revenue, 10% revenue on each implementation (or complete it yourself and receive 100%), provide first-level support, and handle billing for your customers.

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Why partner with us.

Access to Recurring Revenue:

  • Partner retains 30% revenue annually on any ezCinect™ OBI sale they generate through the partnership.
  • This is a great way to access high rewards with limited overhead. Anytime a sale is made, your organization has created a new revenue stream.

Implementation Services:

  • Partner receives 10% revenue on consulting services provided by Plains Mobile during their implementation process, and 100% when the partner implements themselves.
  • Partner has flexibility to simply focus on sales or selling and implementing ezCinect™ OBI for Plains Mobile.

Offer a Customized Product:

  • Plains Mobile provides software that is fully customizable and built with the latest OBI capabilities. Becoming a Partner means you will have an all-in-one solution that is tailor-made.
  • Partners will be able to utilize ezCinect™ OBI’s customization features to offer a software solution powerful enough to manage any business.

Seamless Integration:

  • Our designers have the ability to integrate with your current solution so your data is accessible without manual re-entry.
  • Having the ability to import historical data and integrate with almost any ongoing software solution allows Partners to offer a product effective enough to handle any business operation.
"A partnership is only successful when an established common goal is the driving force behind the agreement."

What's included.

Internal use software:

Get your own version of ezCinect™ OBI to use within your organization.


Plains Mobile includes 24 hours of training for implementation of internal use software with additional hours available at a reduced rate.

Ongoing support:

We are here to help throughout the life of our partnership.

Increase Market Range:

Access to an additional referral source can increase the amount of generated leads and an advanced product offering can expand your potential market.


How we do it.


Look at the partner to get an understanding of what their potential needs are and how they fit into the Plains’ Mobile Strategy.


Introduce the activities and tasks that need to be completed to ensure a successful partnership and help manage implementation.


We don’t just hand out tasks and expect the desired result.  It is important for open communication so both sides of the partnership are fully informed and understand objectives.


Designate different responsibilities and goals to specific individuals within the Partner’s organization.


It becomes a lot easier to advance when you understand previous downfalls and problem areas.  We feel the best way to learn is to understand what could use improvement.

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