Dynamics GP Services

25 years experience in development and integration with Dynamics GP

ezCinect for Dynamics GP

Build automated integrations with ezCinect for Dynamics GP, the most advanced and flexible Dynamics GP integration platform on the market. ezCinect for Dynamics GP is also 100% web client enabled, all configuration pages can be accessed from your Dynamics GP Web Client.

Integration Security

ezCinect OBI has fully integrated security with Dynamics GP. With our platform, you are assured that security holes are not introduced through your integration solution. All our configuration and integrated data can only be accessed through standard Dynamics GP windows which can only be accessed through the default security setup criteria.

Dexterity Development

We provide Dexterity development services. With the most experienced Dexterity development staff in the world, we can develop Dynamics GP customization’s tailored to the exact requirements of your organization. We specialize in migrating old customization’s to Dexterity to enable them in the Dynamics GP Web Client. Please contact us for all your Dexterity development needs.

Integration Automation

ezCinect OBI is a fully automated integration platform. Schedule your integrations and let the platform do the work. With our state of the art ezQ architecture, the system will catch those invalid XML files and allow you to recover, edit the data, and/or analyze the errors. With our Audit Trail, all integrated source transaction data is stored and accessible from Dynamics GP or your GP Web Client.

Integration Services

At Plains Mobile, we can quickly solve any integration scenario you have. From Complex to Simple, we can handle it all. Our flexible integration platform, allows our team to translate your incoming data to Dynamics GP with any defaulting criteria or conditioning logic needed for Dynamics GP.

Publishing Services

With ezCinect for Dynamics GP, we can publish organized data out of Dynamics GP to an FTP site in any format you need. If you need to push data to REST enabled services or other end points we can handle those requirements as well.

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