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Customer Relationship Management


Email Automation

Tired of forgetting to send that follow up email out to your leads? ezCinect™ OBI’s automation function allows you to customize emails, invoices, marketing, etc to be sent out.

Data Importing/Exporting

We understand clean data is valuable information to your business, with ezCinect™ OBI’s importing you get just that.


Creating and managing your meetings is simple, and email alert notifications insure both you and your clients never miss another scheduled meeting.


Keep all customer information in ezCinect™ OBI cloud-based solution. No need for multiple solutions when we can maximize customer care in one Single Sign On (SSO).

On The Go

Capability to operate on any device makes ezCinect™ OBI accessible wherever your business takes you. View, add, and edit customer information at the touch of your fingertips.

Generate Reports

Instead of having to do the math yourself, let ezCinect™ OBI automatically generate the report exactly how you need it.

Measurable Analytics

By letting ezCinect™ OBI be your expert in analytics, we create your ideal dashboards and business intelligence. We provide real-time analytics with accurate and clean data to give you security in making short and long-term business decisions.


Customization is our craft, as we’re no “cookie-cutters”! We don’t develop your solution until after analyzing your business needs and automating your processes to ensure we’re defining your optimal workflows.

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