Operational Business Intelligence can have different meaning in the industry.  At Plains Mobile Inc, we are defining what OBI is and can be for business through our revolutionary platform ezCinect OBI(ezCinect).

We define OBI as ‘Clean Data In’ through well-defined data entry and ‘Clean Data Out’ through polished analytics. Operational is defined as the ability to enter your data on any device at any time, review your analytics on any device at any time, as well as schedule automation activities and notifications based on analytical data points. By utilizing the best OBI platform in the industry, ezCinect, to deliver these features, businesses can utilize their data to increase profitability and execute on their business vision without the limitations of traditional software.

Let me show you how by walking through a process utilized by one of our customers who is running ezCinect OBI.

Step 1:  Clean Data In

The problem with traditional software is the ‘DATA IN’ is defined for you as a customer and is not the complete data you need to eventually build analytics. Additionally, there are typically more data elements than what you actually use so you are stuck with a cumbersome solution. With ezCinect we have the ability to change your business Workflows to match exactly the data your business needs to capture and also allow your end users to enter that data in the most meaningful way possible with defaulting and features that save time.

In this example, we are showing you a Time Entry workflow that was designed specifically for Cresa. Cresa, www.cresa.com, is a business that provides Project Management services in the Commercial Real-Estate market. Time Entry is just one of many workflows that we have available in our Advanced Project Management solution that is being utilized by Cresa.

I believe in business we take these types of typical data collection events for granted but what if you are a company like Cresa that needs deep analytics based on the time that is entered? You need to make sure you have ‘Clean Data In’ that is well organized and will allow you to develop the analytics you need. In the above workflow, you will notice subtle things that allow users to enter data faster. The ability to Copy their Time to the next period and also Copy with Hours. Why both? Each user has different needs. The Default Task allows users to change their Task when they enter new individual line items also saving time. Cresa can enter a single line item for a project with tasks for different days allowing them to be more efficient with less line items.

On the right sidebar, they have OBI Cubes which can have any type of relevant data they want displayed for them. These cubes can be uniquely defined for any company, they are Operational and meaningful.

When users click the Submit button, they asked for 2 hour before the record is submitted to history. This gives the user a period of time to go back in and make changes if they forgot something. A feature requested by the customer which can be changed as needed for other customers.

The ezCinect Automation Service moves the time record to history after 2 hours, no human intervention this is all automated.

Step 2:  Clean Data Out

Cresa has defined 2 days during the month in which they want Statements sent out to their teams. These statements provide a visual summary of their project time records and expenses.

The initial statement run is for an initial set of users and the statement run on the 16th goes to a larger audience that was approved in the Directory workflow.

The users define who receives these statements in their Directory workflow.

The statement itself can be printed from the Projects workflow and is now also automatically scheduled to be emailed. Below is the statement which was specially designed by Cresa.

Step 3:  Operational

Below is the ezCinect JobQueue listing all server-side automation activities that are scheduled. The CustomProcessor in the list below is the recurring process that actually inserts the Statement automation records into the JobQueue. No human intervention required.

On the 1st and the 16th, the statements will be emailed to the receivers, the statement report above is attached as a PDF file with an email Subject and Body defined by the business.

Below is the end result of the operational process, an email sent to the subscribers.


Data analytics continue to mature as our clients now fully recognize their potential to get clean analytics and automate those analytical activities as needed.

Operational Analytics are those data points you want responsively and you don’t want to scroll through a cumbersome report to get the bit of info you need. The ezCinect OBI Cubes are specially defined for each customer to provide the operational data they specifically need and when they need it, saving time.

ezCinect OBI and all the workflows and reports listed above are available on your phone or your favorite device.

Additionally, if you are utilizing an Accounting system such as Intacct and you need data transferred, ezCinect will automate the process of integrating data to your accounting system.