Linton, ND – December 20, 2017 – Plains Mobile Inc (Plains Mobile), a software development company, released its Report Caching feature on its Platform as a Service (PaaS), ezCinect™ OBI.


Plains Mobile’s Report Caching acts as a storage area for data so future requests for the data can be served faster. The reports provided by Plains Mobile are then generated in real time for the most up-to-date data analysis possible.


“Our ezQ automation service tracks when specific events occur.  We use this feature to recognize data inputs having an impact on reports,” stated Jon Richter, Plains Mobile’s CEO and Founder. “When an event is triggered, the system caches the new data required for reports.  Reports will generate much quicker because the cached report data is instantly accessible.  This also ensures reports continually include the newest and latest output. This is a significant feature which allows big data reports to be available instantly for the end user.”


According to Plains Mobile, the value to the user is the ability to generate reports in a fraction of the time typically required by competitors. Complex reports can be generated quickly regardless of the size of the data or the complexity of the calculations. The end goal is to have fast and reliable reports accessible when needed with no lag time or long running transactions.


About Plains Mobile

Plains Mobile, founded in 2011, is a provider of custom cloud-based business solutions through its Platform as a Service (PaaS), ezCinect™ OBI. They provide custom Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, custom integrations, and cloud-based accounting solutions. For more information regarding Plains Mobile visit their site,