Linton, North Dakota – Jan. 1, 2011 – Plains Mobile Inc introduced its revolutionary Platform as a Service (PaaS), ezCinect™ OBI, to the cloud-based industry. Plains Mobile prides itself on providing a platform that can be used to build a true customizable cloud-based solution compared to typical packaged products. Rather than trying to adapt your business to the solution, Plains Mobile wants to adapt their solution to your business.

According to Plains Mobile, current solutions come with preset features and options where businesses must adapt their processes to the solution. Plains Mobile’s ezCinect™ OBI allows businesses to work in the way they want by providing customized workflows, features, and options. The Plains Mobile consulting services work with the business to fully optimize their processes while mapping their solution to their process requirements.

“ezCinect™ OBI is a game changer for any data-driven business,” said Jon Richter, founder of Plains Mobile Inc. “ezCincect™ OBI solves the shortcomings associated with packaged solutions by using the platform’s capability to rapidly develop true customized solutions with the ability to easily add features over time. Solutions developed with our Platform as a Solution (PaaS) platform are agile allowing them to adjust and change over time to match the evolving needs of businesses. Our interpretation architecture allows us to develop applications faster than any company in the world and our automation features save time.”

Plains Mobile Inc is currently starting a Beta program for ezCinect™ OBI and a limited number of customers. For more information regarding Plains Mobile Inc visit their site,