Linton, ND – September 29, 2017 – Plains Mobile Inc (Plains Mobile), a software development company, today launched their own partner program. The program consists of two different options, Referral and Reseller Partners, for businesses to choose from.


“Our products are driven from one revolutionary Platform as a Service (PaaS), helping business around the nation achieve their business intelligence down to profitability by an employee,” says Jon Richter, Plains Mobile’s CEO and Founder. “We know there are many businesses we can touch with our services, but we alone can’t reach them all, and that’s why we launched our partner program.”


The Reseller Partners have the ability to market ezCinect™ OBI (PaaS) as one of their own products to their customers. The perks of being a Reseller Partner include 10% revenue on each implementation or a partner can complete the implementation themselves and receive 100% of the revenue, 30% reoccurring revenue, and they can handle all the customer billing themselves.


The Referral Partners have the ability to refer a client or lead that would benefit from using Plains Mobile’s services. The perks of being a Referral Partner include a Plains Mobile Support Consultant, 10% revenue from a client’s implementation, and there are no fees or commitments.


About Plains Mobile

Plains Mobile, founded in 2011, is a provider of custom cloud-based business solutions through its Platform as a Service (PaaS), ezCinect™ OBI. They provide custom Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, custom integrations, and a cloud-based accounting solution. For more information regarding Plains Mobile visit their site,