Market Changes: Digital Revolution

The way we do business is changing in many respects.  The consumer expects their experience to be smooth and efficient.  Hence the reason for self-check-out or even more advanced; speaking a command to a device that orders your product and has it delivered to your door the next day!

This means the distribution business needs technology in place to adequately supplement their consumers’ needs.  Regardless of industry, technology is streamlining the way businesses of all sizes are operating.  This digital revolution produces mass amounts of data and information, which can seem hectic to track and organize.  So much data may appear overwhelming, but proper utilization transforms it into your company’s greatest asset.

Data as a Tool

Utilizing the power of data allows for greater business insight and easy reference to historical material.  Plains Mobile provides a solution to organize your current data efficiently and easily scale with your business.  Industry leaders understand and harness the value of data insight from operations.  Internal knowledge makes it easier to get answers quickly by analyzing information to discover trends and patterns that were previously outside our line of sight.  Businesses are finding ways to streamline new aspects of operations every day, and the true value lies in the subsequent data.  The market trend is evolving toward data analytics as a tool for business insight, but finding the right tool for your business can be a real challenge.

Plains Mobile’s Answer: ezCinect™ OBI

Plains Mobile understands business needs today will be rapidly changing as technology further advances.  This is why they built their revolutionary Platform as a Service (PaaS), ezCinect™ OBI, to handle any scaling or modifications a business undergoes.  Plains Mobile uses the power of interpretation to design solutions scalable and adjustable as new needs arrive, without affecting your current data or workflows.  The goal is to provide a solution powerful enough to handle any current business requirements and dynamic enough to adapt when inevitable changes present themselves.

Consider the example above for a shipping company.  Initially, a system to ensure consumers receive their correct products on time would suffice.  Then the online shopping revolution occurred, and automated orders needed to be addressed.  Next, the trend changed to smart devices automatically ordering items when prompted.  The current issue is around theft, so a frisbee sized device was designed to inform when a package is delivered and if it is removed.  This all improves the consumer experience, but adds automation and data tracking criteria.

Plains Mobile allows your business to easily add additional features and analytic properties as markets evolve in our quickly changing world.  What you do today will not suffice in the future, so having a solution in place that welcomes progress will allow your business to scale and adapt to whatever changes the market throws at you.  Let’s take a look at how Plains Mobile’s “Secret Sauce” allows them to provide such a dynamic and adjustable solution.

Building Blocks

  • Design the Workflow: This is where we determine the menu group that will house the workflow and information about where data will be linked.

  • Build the Stages: Here we determine the different data criteria that we want to collect. For Example: A distribution company would want a stage to enter data relating to sales, and also a substage pertaining detailed information about the products within the sale.


  • Customize the Fields: These are the individual boxes where we input data.  Fields can be added or changed depending on your unique criteria.  Each one captures and organizes entered data, and tags are applied for future reference and retrieval.

A Future Proofed Solution

The key behind Plains Mobile’s method is the ease of developing additional stages, fields, and workflows.  Using the power of interpretation allows for additional features without any problems.  The capabilities are endless, and the future market trends will take a simple adjustment to master.  Think of our shipping example, as demands change a business needs to accommodate or be at a disadvantage. A solution built to grow alongside your company allows you to focus on business and let technology adapt to you.

When a solution properly fits an operation, the data analytics presented will provide insight never thought possible. Business Intelligence will increase because insight makes smarter decision makers and more informed team members.  Regardless of industry, we are in an era of rapidly changing markets and consumer demands.  This can be a challenge or an advantage, depending upon your approach to this change.  Now is the time to streamline your operations and begin using your data as a powerful business tool.  Markets will only progress and evolve in the future, and they will do so at rapid rates.  Becoming a data driven company allows you to take advantage of market fluctuations instead of stumbling when they occur.