• Advanced Project Management

    Taking your project management to the next level. 

Advanced Project Management



Customization is our craft, as we’re no “cookie-cutters”! We don’t develop your solution until after analyzing your business needs and automating your processes to ensure we’re defining your optimal workflows.

Measurable Analytics

By letting ezCinect™ OBI be your expert in analytics, we create your ideal dashboards and business intelligence. We provide real-time analytics with accurate and clean data to give you security in making short and long-term business decisions.


Need to send a report out externally or internally? Ability to schedule automation activities and notifications based on analytical data points.


Need to know when your project is not going to meet it’s deadline? No need to set reminders! With ezCinect™ OBI features, customize any notification specifically for you.

On The Go

Capability to operate on any device makes ezCinect™ OBI accessible wherever your projects take you.

Track Time

Keep track of where your valuable time is being spent. Entering time per individual for projects, project tasks, or per day allows you to use the data to generate effective reports, automate invoices, and view efficient analytics.


Work as a team by using ezCinect™ OBI’s built in chat system, Trending, and Activity features to successfully complete a project.

Generate Reports

Instead of having to do the math yourself, let ezCinect™ OBI automatically generate the report exactly how you need it.

Manage Budget

The most critical part of project management is making sure your budget is on track. Receive real-time notifications and analytics when projects are close to being over budget.

Prioritize and Plan

Multiple projects require strategic planning and prioritizing in order to meet deadlines. Easily prioritize and set due dates to successfully meet your milestones.

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"ezCinect™ OBI allowed us to create clean, precise data and generate effective analytics for our projects."
Joe SciollaManaging Principal, Cresa - Boston

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