Who we are.

Whether prepared or not, technology is disrupting us as individuals as well as businesses and will only becoming a bigger influence in the coming future.  From the way we hail a cab using Lyft and order a coffee via the Caribou app to meetings run using webinar services, technology is attempting to simplify every aspect of our lives.  Our daily and professional worlds are affected, the question comes down to acceptance and adoption.

Every business, even SMBs, require some type of technology to be successful.  Not only does your business require multiple technology platforms for business functions such as accounting, marketing, collaboration, or customer management, these platforms require features like cloud services, mobility, security, and customization.  All of these factors stack up to create expensive and complicated IT issues for SMBs who typically lack the infrastructure and support for necessary software.

If every business ran the same with similar requirements, it would be simple to provide solutions that fit their needs.  However, no two businesses are the same so prebuilt solutions fall short for unique requirements.  This means a solution is only as good as its match with the business.  Getting a solution designed specifically for your operation can be timely and costly.  Plains Mobile Inc has changed the way software is traditionally developed to offer a custom solution for your business without the huge costs or lengthy deployment time.

Rather than trying to adapt your business to the solution, Plains Mobile believes in adapting the solution to your business. According to Plains Mobile, current solutions come with preset features and options a business must adjust to. Plains Mobile allows businesses to work in the way they want by providing customized workflows, features, and specific analytics.   This is done by utilizing their revolutionary Platform as a Service (PaaS), ezCinect™ OBI, to rapidly build cloud-based solutions around individual business needs.

It is now possible to get a solution tailor-made for your business without the headache.  Learn how Plains Mobile can streamline your operations today by automating your daily tasks and eliminating repetitive actions. This allows you to bring your data to life by taking advantage of advanced analytics for key business insight.  Technology is here to stay and will become a bigger part of our lives, the key is to utilize it correctly.  Taking advantage of current innovations can bring enormous benefits, but proper placement can be a challenge.  Plains Mobile has consultants who analyze your business to make sure you are provided with the best solution for your success.


Forging your business vision to life with customizable cloud solutions.


To be the world leader in cloud based solutions for any data-driven business.

Meet the Leadership Team

Built by a team of leaders, Plains Mobile Inc loves working with customers and provides a great environment to do so, because of its passion, experience, and dedication from its leaders.

Jon Richter

Plains Mobile Inc founder, ezCinect™ OBI creator/developer, and Team Leader.

Hannah Odegaard

VP, Products

Leading the ezCinect™ OBI development and Plains Mobile Inc documentation.

Todd Nagel

VP, Services

Leading the Intacct Partnership and Sales, Plains Mobile Sales department, Services, and AgCinect.

Kassy Brough

VP, Marketing

Leading the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service departments.

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