ezCinect™ for Dynamics GP

Simplicity is exactly what you get with ezCinect for Dynamics GP.

If you are familiar with typical integration solutions in the industry, ezCinect will be a refreshing change and a product you will thoroughly enjoy implementing. Please view our Case Studies to learn how our customers are using ezCinect for Dynamics GP.

ezCinect was invented by the same architect which invented eConnect for Dynamics GP and utilizes the eConnect API for integrating data into Dynamics GP.

Key FeaturesListenerImage

  • Supportability, when you build an integration with ezCinect you are not bound to daily maintenance and management which you often see with other integration products.
  • An Audit Trail is part of the core ezCinect Listener functionality which provides businesses with a historic view of integrated transactions. Your integration Audit Trail is critical to providing a secure and trusting integration architecture.
  • Security is maximized by ezCinect through the user interface which is embedded right in familiar Dynamics GP windows. You no longer need to risk providing outside utilities access to your sensitive ERP data through an outside application. Public companies will find the secure nature of ezCinect a must-have for their integration solution.
  • Feature Rich, you can build any type of integration with the extensive features available with ezCinect.  ezCinect supports XML, Flat File, SQL Table, and provides an API for system integrators to send asynchronous transactions.
  • Automation is available with the ezCinect which allows you to schedule integrations including the ability to scan for files, and call routines to get data from disparate places like Zuora or other cloud based solutions.
  • Simplicity, ezCinect provides step by step Projects which show you how to build integrations. You will be amazed how easy the ezCinect Listener is to use and how sensible the solution is.
  • Great Support and Services, our team stands behind the ezCinect Listener product. Plains Mobile provides 7×24 support for ezCinect and we also provide 2 hours of free consultation. These hours are typically used for architecture and design needs and also for other Dynamics GP questions related to the integration.
  • Build seamless integrations from Cloud Products like Zuora (www.zuora.com) with add-on services from Plains Mobile or the developer of your choice. Plains Mobile has expert level experience building Zuora integrations and using the Zuora API..
  • Easy to install and evaluate, you can get ezCinect for Dynamics GP installed and functional within minutes. You can download the product for evaluation and when you are ready to buy, just contact your Dynamics GP and Plains Mobile Partner for registration keys.
  • A Node Builder is available with ezCinect to help you build new eConnect business objects.
  • The Plains Mobile integration services team can provide additional services for the creation of new GP business objects not currently supported by eConnect.  Please contact us for a free quote.



ezCinect for Dynamics (GP Standard)                   =               $1,800 USD

ezCinect for Dynamics (GP Advanced)                  =               $3,800 USD

ezCinect for Dynamics (ZUORA)                            =               Call for Quote

20% yearly maintenance includes all product updates and 7×24 support services.

*** ezCinect must be purchased through your Dynamics GP and Plains Mobile Partner.