ezCinect for Dynamics GP download page



1.    Confirm that eConnect is installed and you are using Dynamics GP2010 or higher.
***For support for previous version please consult Plains Mobile support.

2.    Download the ezCinect.msi install package.

3.     Launch ezCinect.msi.

4.    Select the path where Dynamics currently is installed.
***Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2010\

5.    After the install is complete, copy the LIST2020.cnk to your Dynamics client directory.
The LIST2020.cnk file is located in the Listener/cnk directory
***NOTE: If you are updating the ezCinect Listener Service, delete the LIST2020.DIC from the Dynamics client directory first.

6.    Launch Dynamics and answer Yes to include new code.

7.    Login to Dynamics as ‘sa’.

8.    At initial login, the ezCinect Listener objects will be created for you.

9.    Open the ezCinect Listener Setup window by navigating to Dynamics>>Tools>>Integrate>>ezCinect Listener Setup.

10.    Enter your registration key if you have purchased the product.

11.      Please repeat steps 2 through 5 on any additional Dynamics clients that need access to ezCinect.
***You can also copy the Listener folder to each client if desired and copy the cnk into each client.

12.    To get started, walk through the Projects located in the Listener folder beginning with Project1.