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eVerifile utilizes ezCinect™ to integrate their Zuora cloud billing system transactions to Dynamics GP transactions.  They integrate Sales Invoices, Sales Orders, Customers, GL Accounts, Inventory Items, Cash Receipts, Payments, and Apply records on a real-time basis from Zuora.


“Our business deals with thousands of transactions a day and bringing those transactions into GP was always a laborious process.  Orders and payments are happening around the clock and with ezCinect we have been able to create an integration system that allows our billing ERP to flow seamlessly into GP in real time. Our integration status is always clear and troubleshooting errors are made easier through ezCinect and its ability to present the data to you in a usable format. ezCinect has brought tremendous efficiency to our Accounting/Finance team”, says Adam Johnson, Associate Director of Finance at eVerifile.

“The Zuora integration requirements were the most complex that I have seen in over 20 years in the industry”, says Plains Mobile CEO Jon Richter. “The supportability features built into ezCinect have allowed us to take huge complexity and develop a very supportable integration environment.”


Aspen Skilled Healthcare, Inc.

Aspen Skilled Healthcare, Inc. (Aspen) utilizes ezCinect™ to integrate their financial transactions from an Excel spreadsheet to Dynamics GP General Ledger transactions. Their requirements were straight forward but Aspen didn’t want a complex setup process or a high maintenance environment. Furthermore do to stringent security requirements Aspen preferred not to have an outside application with different security outside their ERP system, Dynamics GP.


Plains Mobile Inc worked with Aspen with their initial request and had their integration up and running within 1 day.

“With ezCinect™ for Dynamics GP, simple integrations stay simple while at the same time the amazing flexibility of the translation architecture allows for the setup of complex integrations in a reduced time frame”, says Jon Richter, CEO of Plains Mobile Inc.

“What I like most is that ezCinect™ does exactly what we need, and you don’t have to open a separate program (like integration manager) to import your JE – it’s all in the familiar GP environment.  I also like that I can preview entries before sending them to the GP JE window.” says Andrew Lark, the controller for Aspen.