Who we are

With over 20+ years’ experience in consulting and professional services working with integration, custom development, Accounting, CRM, and Project Management solutions, comes Plains Mobile Inc. Founded in 2011, Plains Mobile Inc was a one man shop with the dreams of its platform becoming a commonly known solution in the business world. Today, with a team of experts, we’re defying the way business solutions are supposed to operate with our revolutionary Platform as a Service(PaaS), ezCinect™ OBI.


Forging your business endeavors to life with customizable cloud solutions.


To be the world leader in cloud based solutions for any data-driven business.

Meet the Leadership Team

Built by a team of leaders, Plains Mobile Inc loves working with customers and provides a great environment to do so, because of its passion, experience, and dedication from its leaders.

Matt Mullens


ezCinect™ OBI developer.

Jon Richter

Plains Mobile Inc founder, ezCinect™ OBI creator/developer, and Team Leader.

Todd Nagel

VP, Services

Leading the Intacct Partnership and Sales, Plains Mobile Sales department, Services, and AgCinect.

Hannah Odegaard

VP, Products

Leading the ezCinect™ OBI development and Plains Mobile Inc documentation.

Kassy Brough

VP, Marketing

Leading the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service departments.

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