• Integrate to Microsoft Dynamics GP with ezCinect™

    Use ezCinect™ for Dynamics GP to integrate Cloud Solutions like Zuora or other data sources like excel files to Dynamics GP.

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    Integrate to Microsoft Dynamics GP with ezCinect™
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  • bizCinect™, Enabling Mobile Productivity

    A revolutionary Platform made to automate business workflow.

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    bizCinect™, Enabling Mobile Productivity

What I like most is that ezCinect does exactly what we need, and you don’t have to open a separate program (like integration manager) to import your JE – it’s all in the familiar GP environment.  I also like that I can preview entries before sending them to the GP JE window." –Andrew Lark, Aspen Healthcare Inc.

Our employees all carry an iPhone and are asking for a business apps they can manage from their phone. Our company also has a very long Sales Cycle which requires us to implement a very unique process to manage our leads. We are excited to be part of the Plains Mobile Vision 2020 program and look forward to accessing our business apps on Apple Mobile devices. –Joe Sciolla, Cresa Boston

Our Mission is to provide our customers with Solutions and Services that will 'Bring their Vision to Life'.–Jon Richter, Plains Mobile


Learn how Aspen Healthcare is integrating to Dynamics GP using ezCinect for Dynamics GP! Read More

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